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Create a post on 9gag.com about 9gag2.com. If your post gets the most upvotes this month you will win $100 USD!




Here’s what to do:


  1. Make a post focusing on www.9gag2.com or www.9gag.porn

  2. Post it on www.9gag.com

  3. Get 100 or more upvotes

  4. Fill out entry form below


If your post has the most upvotes from the entries received this month you’ll win $100! (PayPal transfer only, anonymity guaranteed).

The competition is running for April 2019. All claims must be made before 05/05/2019



Submit Entry to $100 Promotion:





Post examples:




Full terms and conditions:

One winner is paid 100 USD for a post that was posted on 9gag.com and the post’s main focus is 9gag2.com or 9gag.porn. The winner is the person who enters this competition and who’s post gets the most upvotes from all entries on April 2019. The minimum amount of 9gag.com upvotes for an entry to the competition is 100.

The upvotes must be unique and not bot-generated.

The winner will be announced on May 2019 and only the winner’s preffered nickname and the winner’s post and a link to the 9gag.com post will be shown in public. We will not disclose any other personal entrant information in public.

The winner of the competition will be contacted and will need to complete a few steps for post authentification purposes. Upon successfully completing these steps the winner will be sent a confirmation and a payment via PayPal (the winner is responsible for any PayPal fees).

Please allow up to 5 working days for response/payment processing.

Any payment recipients are responsible for any taxes or legal requirements and policies related to the payment. We retain the right to refuse a payment for any fraudulent claims. We retain the right to cancel the offer and any payments without warning or noted reason. You represent and warrant you are at least 18 years of age and that you have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement. You comply with all of our policies and all legal requirements.

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7 Comments on "$100 Promotion"

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OsnmsVote Up2 pointsVote Down ·
24 days ago

Free publicity? No thanks

StefanVote Up2 pointsVote Down ·
24 days ago

In that case stop posting all that hentai crap. No one wants its it’s absolute trash.

Your moma
Your momaVote Up1 pointsVote Down ·
24 days ago

I hope no-one will be stupid enough to do free work for you, fuck off.

nigger714Vote Up-1 pointsVote Down ·
24 days ago

I am a 9gag pro user and will be willing to post about 9gag2 on 9gag. However i need some assurance you will pay up if i end up being the one with the most upvotes.